The paleovedic gardener

My name is Tamar and I turn 30 next year. I am about to go on the biggest journey of my life- emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and every other alley that life chucks at me. I’m packing my bags, my dogs (Joey and Dusty) and all my crazy ideas into my van, ready to sail across the Bay of Biscay with my fiance (William) to see if we can start a new life in España. I thought I would start a blog to record my progress and recovery as I go, so here goes. I have been counting down the days till we go, ten more sleeps and I will be in the Basque Country, I literally can not wait! Continue reading The paleovedic gardener


Muru : a Basque ‘hill’ 754 meters high

ALTITUDE START: 341 meters ALTITUDE END: 754 meters DIFFICULTY: MODERATE DISTANCE: 8KM So I kick start this blog off with my weekly go to mountain in The Basque Country, Northern Spain. This mountain is accessible from Mondragon in the Gipuzkoa area. It is one of the easier mountains of this valley. Muru is Basque (or […]

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Walking: The Basque Country: Landa and Larrabea

So I went for a brief walk in a new place today. Basically The Basque Country, infact the whole of Spain has all the old abandoned train lines which are now walk ways. You could literally walk forever just through these walk ways. So today we went out and about and explored the old railways of Landa and Larrabea. I have already been to the massive lake here, its stunning and is massive. I was lucky enough to see the lake after a massive draught, so I could see all the massive reads and old tree stumps that have been preserved from the water as the water level was down drastically. That is not the case now as it has been raining and snowing lots and the water is full and ready. We went there a few weeks ago and it was so high with snow you couldn’t even park a car there. But anyway back to the railroad….


So above is the old disused train station that was in use till the 60s or so apparently. My partners Grandmother used to catch the train so its all fairly recent in the bigger scheme of things.


This is a monument to 8 people who died on the same day in the big lake that you can see in the background. Very sad, I don’t know the story but I can relate to this. My brothers were fisherman my whole life and my step dad got washed away at sea and never survived so I understand the dangers of water and the sea. It was obviously a big tragedy and must have rippled in the area for years to come.



A bit of graffiti, someone doing the same tag over and over again, all the way down this tunnel. If I was better at photography I’m sure I could take a better picture. The graffiti made me chuckle because then we saw this:


And if I was a graffiti artist this is the kind of thing I would end up doing.

I got a really good snap of the dogs at this tunnel too. Quite proud of this one


Don’t know why but it is a cool snap. Any lighting coming through a tunnel is good for a snap I suppose and add some mediocre graffii signatures and a few welsh sheep dogs and you got a good snap.

So that was my quick Sunday stroll. I’m really ill so that was about as adventurous as I could be today. More to come soon hopefully now the sun is a coming, I just hope I get better as I feel I’m getting worse by the minute. Oh well onwards and upwards or as we say in Cornwall SHE BE PREDDY XXX

Paleovedic albondigas

An albondiga is basically a meatball but with a different kind of sauce with it, more of a smooth soupy sauce. This is my take on it and oh my days they are super yummy and have a kick to them too. Im all about the flavour and spices aswell as nutrition.

So i had a cup of hazelnut flour from making hazelnut milk which was super yummy. The hazelnuts in Northern Spain are renowned to be good so I opted for these nuts but almond or any other nut would be fine too.

So I added my minced beef (lamb or even pork can be used, I personally dont like pork mince which is traditional to mix with beef here and I couldn’t find any organic lamb which would always be my meat of choice) to the nut flour with an egg and the spices garlic. Squidged it all together with the back of the spoon and made into bitesize meatballs and placed in the fridge for half an hour too cool down and take shape


For the sauce slowly cook the onion, carrot, tomatoes, mushroom, spices and garlic in olive or coconut oil until loverly and soft usually after 7 or so minutes. Then add the stock and keep on bubbling until its all reduced down and saucy. Traditionally there is white wine in this but this is no where near traditional Spanish cooking so opt the wine for some coconut cream to make it extra paleo and yummy. Mmmmm. Smell those spices, the nutmeg and garlic is definately coming through in the sauce.


To cook the meatballs fry them to seal them gently in olive or coconut oil and then place on papertowel to drain any excess grease.

When you are happy with the sauce take it off the heat, this should be no more than 25 minutes after you started frying. Then when the sauce has cooled down buzz it in a blender, I use a nutiblender to make it extra creamy and smooth.

Finally place your albondigas in the sauce and bubble for twenty minutes slowly. At the very end add your dried or even better fresh herbs. They are better the next day as the flavours come out more. Traditionally they are a dish on their own and will be served with bread. I am going to eat mine with a side of green veg to soak up that sauce 😋👌





1 cup of nut flour

1 egg

300g of minced beef

1 teaspoon of paprika

1 teaspoon of turmeric

4 cloves of garlic crushed

1 teaspoon of ras el hanout

Salt and pepper



1 grated decent sized carrot

1 diced onion

100g of mushrooms of your choice

3 cloves of garlic chopped

A good grate of nutmeg

1 teaspoon of paprika

1 teaspoon of turmeric

1 teaspoon of dried oregano

1 teaspoon of dried parsley

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tablespoons of coconut cream

50 ml nut milk of your choice

50 ml of stock of your choice

If you want an extra kick add chilly flakes to the sauce and albondigas

Bennefits of herbs and spices used

Turmeric- everyone knows that turmeric is the ultimate cancer fighter full of antioxidants its a must have in every dish

Oregano- a natural antioxidant and antibiotic. It will help build your immune system and fight any bugs

Garlic- always good to have garlic with meat as it aids digestion

Paprika- very high vitamin c content

Nutmeg – very good for fertility issues

Hope you enjoy if anyone reads and tries this.


Happy cooking

From the paleovedic gardener xxxx


All low on the blogg front


I really haven’t had much to report really. I have not been able to go out hiking for a week now due to a few circumstances. One pretty special reason being SNOW SNOW SNOW. Its frigging freeeeezing here in the Basque Country. Its the coldest winter in 20-30 years here, typical. Seems like I brought the bad weather with me. The mountains are covered in snow and its very beautiful but very slippery. I have been out and about a bit but nothing major. Heres a few pics of the snow here


My babies in the snow

The lovely view from my wonderous house in Aretxabaleta

Also my doggie Joey managed to rip his tongue half off. Silly boy, it was quite traumatic at the time, bless him and me , bless me !!!! So alot of blood, a trip to the vets for 9 stitches and lots of money later he is back to his old self. He managed to lunge onto a stick and get it trapped in his throat whilst ripping his tongue nearly off. These things happen with stick addict dogs. First thing he did wen we took him out the following day was get a bloody stick 😞

So what else, I have been making brilliant paleo food. Aiming to do a whole30 soon so kinda preparing for that by naking my own nut milk instead of buying almond milk and stocking up on healthy items. Made a paleo vegan lasagna which was super tasty but William didnt like it. With the fibre from my hazelnut milk I have put it in the oven ready to make some meatballs. Ive been bang on the paleo cooking. No dairy, no grains, no alcohol or sugar- they are the 4 things that affect me the most so I am really glad I am not indulging in them. Time will tell, day by day step by step. Hopefully I will be able to rid of my evil cravings.

Until next time my friends (well Im kinda limited with my viewers- I dont have that many). Adios goodbye and agur. Hopefully we will go on some more adventures soon xxxc

Sargadotegi … sideria… cider house

So we went to a cider house yesterday for the first time. I have awaited this for a long time as I LOVE Basque cider and have always wanted to see what all the fuss is about. And boy I was not disappointed. I think I failed on the staying sober part but hey Ive been waiting for this for 6 years since I met William. Basque cider is just squidged apples kept in an oak barrel for 12 months, no sugar, no additives just pure fermented apples 😋

So we arrive and there is a beautiful peacock perched on the entrance which is always a good place to start

Then theres a bar and kitchen area where we waited to get seated… we then sat down on these big oak tables… I wish I took more photos because there were massive oak beams and everything was very authentic and Basque. The big barrels containing the Sagardoa or cider as we call it were for display purposes really and were attached to pipes apparently. Really they should be full of cider but apparently this cider house is not proper proper just proper.


So to pour the cider you must oxygenate the cider by pouring it at a height. The cider pours out from the tap and you simply put your glass a meter or so under the pressurised fountain of apple goodness and then drink. The word to say when you drink sargadoa is ‘txotx’ which is the old plug they kept in the barrels to stop the flow, so when people would get the drink they would shout ‘txotx’ saying they are taking the plug out.

Food time….

Again wish i took more pictures. We had chorizo in cider,then cod omlette and then salted cod with pepper and onion. If that wasnt enough we then had a massive t-bone steak to share and THEN sheep cheese with quince jelly and walnuts. The food was pretty paleo if you dont take into consideration the huge lack of vegetables lol. They are kinda cave men the basques anyway. Definately a fantastic day out. I highly recommend going if you are ever in the Basque Country.

An ode to the sulphur type. A poem by me



Im a volcanic eruption
Inner panic & corruption
As magma oozes
My anger looses
A high pressure explosion
With no sense of emotion
Volatile too all near
I want rid of this fear
As sulphuric gases burn
My esoteric task is learned
The lava slowly cools down
As i put my defences down
Rock hardens & takes shape
Smog harming the landscape
Dormant, till the next episode
When my volcano may just explode

Sin prisa pero sin pausa

Sin prisa pero sin pausa… this translates as “without hurry but without pause”… This kind of sums up my recovery as well as other things…

How I walk up mountains… huff my way to the top with a constant slow pace.

How I’m learning the language out here. Slowly but consistant progress.

I could apply this to just about anything- weight loss, business plans, tidying my house!!!

Sin prisa pero sin pausa.

So I have made a promise to do more blogging so I stay on the straight and narrow and keep more disciplined with my recovery.


Today I have…

Got up early, which believe you me is a big achievement as I could stay in bed all day if I let myself. Did some mundane chores and took the dogs out in the morning where my bitch (Dusty) had a fight with another dog that was too keen to sniff her. She has very strict boundries and seems to be very loyal to my boy (Joey) as he can sniff or do what ever he wants to her. Its a real cute dynamic bless them both.

After I prepared lunch for my novio and his friend I went out hiking. Sun was ablazing so no excuses! I went up ‘muru’ which is one of the easier mountains to do solo.

As I was saying I like to huffle my way up slowly and take photos etc on the way up. Im happy with that and the longer I take the more fun the dogs have. Win win.

Screenshot_20180131-220626.pngI dont now why it says I burnt so many calories I think the app is a bit wrong. So now Im logging my hikes I must try and beat these times.


Heres a few photos from my walk. This is Dusty on left and Joey on right at the fountain half way up the mountain. I like to drink the mountain water everywhere I go its like a ritual for me. Lots of benneficial minerals in mountain water 😁20180131_150439.jpg

Here the view of ‘udalaitz’ my personal fav mountain in the valley, they call it the lying indian because it looks like a native american20180131_153906

And here is the cross at the top. Stunning views there you can see al the local mountains plus the pyranees inthe distance and lots of snowy tops !!



So then I came down and went to my meditation class in the evening. Had a really good one there too, I think the excercise helps me clear my mind more.

Oh and i made some dairy free brocolli soup and bosched that for dinner folowed by some lomo and eggs for me protein… had a complete paleo day today so my body is thanking me… happy days. Heres a pic of my soup its a bit boring too see. You basically cook an onion and 3 brocolli florets and then add stock and almond milk and buzz it. I will def be making it again.20180131_201006.jpg

So Im going to keep up the discipline of blogging and admiting any sins haha..


Speak tomorrow Im shattered and after my pukka night time tea I will be a goner.


❤ namaste ❤